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Maternity Silhouettes- Black/White

Artful, classic images that showcase the beautiful power of a woman goddess bringing life into this world.

That’s what this lovely mama and I were going for with this session. We looked up sample images together and staged her bedroom with proper curtains and lighting. The blurred out trees out the window were the perfect backdrop. She chose black undies to wear to blend into the silhouette so it would highlight that growing baby bump and all those lovely curves.

She draped on a fashion kimono in another shot. I felt like it added to the feminine energy she radiated.

We didn’t plan for her almost 5-year-old to be in the silhouette shots, but she came in and wanted to kiss her baby sister. How sweet is that?! She said “Hi my baby Hazel”. She then climbed onto the bed and announced that she also had a baby in her tummy! I love her confidence and calm as she captured this precious journey. Congratulations, pretty mama!! xoxo, Meg

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