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Pink Flowers! 5 bouquet inspirations

Blushing pink. Light rouge.

Carnation pink.

Magenta. Bubble gum pink.

French rose. Punch pink.

Pink is classic.

Pink is pretty.

Whatever hue is your fave: Here are 5 inspo bouquets for this TOP SPRING 2019 Color Palette!

SWEET AND DREAMY – mixed with eucalyptus and baby’s breath for a fresh and down-to-earth vibe.

CRISP AND BOLD – bright pink, orange and white roses mixed with dark green leaves for a beautiful cascade

MONOCHROMATIC – a pure bundle of pink tiger lilies for a beach wedding in orange county

MODERN CREAMS – pale pink roses mixed with creamy white roses and eucalyptus for this modern bundle

TEXTURED STYLE – this one packs a punch with wildflowers and peonies. The different layers of hues, textures and heights make for a wild and gorgeous display

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