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To Those Who’ve Been Stolen From

With everything going on in this world (and within my own personal corner of it) this strong thought keeps invading my mind. “I AM NOT A COLLECTION OF BODY PARTS.”

This post is dedicated to all of us who have had our own bodies stolen from us. To those who have had something taken. To those who’ve suffered abuse… and then the inevitable feelings of shame that come with it. To those who’ve suffered under someone sizing them up as just an object: a collection of parts. We are not. We are stronger.

This last year I’ve dedicated myself to growing stronger. Amidst my fragility and tears and uncertainty: I’ve been vulnerable with those closest to me. They’ve carefully and delicately and lovingly held my heart as I’ve become steady enough to stand again. And stand I will.

I’ve wrestled with some deep fears and thoughts. Here are the truths I’ve come to:

I am loved. I am valued. I have value. And it’s okay to bring that value into the world and not shy away from it. I’m not seeking love from one person and hoping that he defines me. I’m seeking to bring goodness. And have that goodness enjoyed. I will breathe. I will keep breathing. In all the moments I’m uncertain, I’ll keep breathing and loving and standing.

Carry on, survivors.


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